I 09 - Green Grads2021 with 'Materorganic', Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross, London, (UK)

I 07 - Exhibition in Barclays Bank, ‘Materorganic’, Plymouth, (UK)

I 11- Exhibition in Roland Levinsky Building, Batch Production ‘Armadillo Lights’, Plymouth, (UK)

I 07 - Artdidacta - Life Drawing Exhibition,  Innsbruck, (AUT)

I 07 - Exhibition in Roland Levinsky Building of ‘Prehistoric & Preindustrial Toolmaking’, Plymouth (UK)

I 11 - Illuminate Plymouth Lights Festival, Mount Edgecombe, Plymouth, (UK)

I 06 - Gallery AUB - Foundation Summer Show, Bournemouth (UK)


Ceramic sculptural doorplate - Austria, 2021

Structural driftwood lighting piece - UK,  2019

Arcylic collage on canvas -  Austria, 2017

Anatomical pencil drawing -  Austria,  2018

Sculptural foundant flower decoration - Germany, 2017



The Art of Self Promotion Competition'

Mentioned as 'New Designers PICKS 2021' with Materorganic



Mona is an Austrian designer and artist with international background. After a scientific career she followed her passion for a more creative life and attended a foundation year in Arts and Design at Arts University Bournemouth followed by a 3D Design (BA) course at the University of Plymouth where she graduated from with  First Class Honours.

in 2021 She founded her Studio in Innsbruck.

She loves sustainable and organic designs with a twist. Mona thrives in organised chaos, colours and creative joy which reflect in her designs. She is a problem solver and loves learning new skills. She is interested in overlapping the worlds of science and art and enjoys researching materials and processes - traditional and contemporary. In her final year she developed her very own material made from food waste ('Materorganic').

It excites her to find alternative ways and divergent approaches to make our world as sustainable and playful as it possibly can be.