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Armadillo Lights





Paper, metal, inks, oil


The armadillo light is a hand painted paper lampshade for the torch of your phone that fits into your wallet and creates a relaxing and joyful ambience. 

Product details

The armadillo light has the size of a credit card and comes with a sleeve to store it safely and easily in your wallet. The lampshade is hand painted and therefore each armadillo is unique. 

It is available in various colours: yellow, violet, blue, rainbow and in dual-coloured versions. The lampshade provides a cosy ambience and uses the torch of the phone to make it shine. The armadillo light gives you the opportunity to reconnect with the here and now and enjoy the off-screen time for a yoga session, ambience in a tent, for a picknick... etc. 

Dimensions (assembled): H 45mm, W 50mm, L 55mm 

Care: keep away from fire, wind and water 

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