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New Designers PICKS 2021

The organic FrisBEE is made from organic waste and eco-friendly glue and embedds flower seeds. It brings joy for outdoor activities and if the frisbee gets lost it fully biodegrades and supports the bees with beautiful flowers.


'The Art of Self Promotion Competition' 2021


The Peculiar Flowers - embodies my creative education, skills set, values and disseration topic in a bunch of flowers with phycial examples of my skills presenting a range of materials and cntemporary and dgitial processes.

Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 18.13.29.png

Wallpaper* +

Samsung Bespoke
Design Challenge

Juli 2021

To celebrate the creativity, customisation and endless configuration potential of the Samsung Bespoke refrigerator, Wallpaper* and Samsung have teamed up to launch a new competition – the Wallpaper* + Samsung Bespoke Design Challenge.


YAG challenge 2020

yamba malawi+artsthread+YAG challenge

30x30 cm, canvay, acyrlic paint, collage


Dezeen x Samsung - out of the box competition - 2020

The Shoe Bar

The brief was to design a piece of furniture out of Samsung cardboard boxes that everybody might have a use for and making it easy to assemble.

This is a shoe shelf for up to six pairs of shoes. Easy to assemble with two shelving options: perfectly inclined board for high heels or two flat boards. Simple design that blends in. Triangular boards provide great stability.

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 19.30.10.png

Fjällraven KÅNKENART -2019

KÅNKENART was a competition to design, alter or personalize your backpack in any possible way. I chose to make it very vibrant and 'artsy'.

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