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A new developed material made from  organic waste and self-developed eco friendly glue. This material can function as a  composite, a glue filler or a decorative coating.

Colour in Design Award - Week1 Entry

Small  Batch Production Project

Armadillo Lights

a colourful paper lampshade for the torch of your phone.

50:50 Project

Dinucleotid light

The lamp is manually made out of paperclay, split in half and digitally reconneted by 3D printed PLA joints.

Tool Making

Prehistoric Tool Making

A spindle made out of found objects and build without using any man-made devices.

Raw wool was brushed, turned into a thread with  the spindle and weaved into a piece of fabric.


Preindustrial Tool Making

A tool set for a batch production of ceramic tiles - built without using any electricity. A set of four tile cutters with individual designs was created.


The key to a bright future - UN Goal 4: Education 


For this project I worked on the UN sustainability goal 4 a  sensual and a data lead approach.


The first object is a sensual experience that presents  materials fusing together creating something colorful, bright, translucent, rough, smooth and new- splashing over the brain like a wave.