A new developed material made from  organic waste and self-developed eco friendly glue. This material can function as a  composite, a glue filler or a decorative coating.

Colour in Design Award - Week1 Entry

Small  Batch Production Project

Armadillo Lights

a colourful paper lampshade for the torch of your phone.

50:50 Project

Dinucleotid light

The lamp is manually made out of paperclay, split in half and digitally reconneted by 3D printed PLA joints.

Tool Making

Prehistoric Tool Making

A spindle made out of found objects and build without using any man-made devices.

Raw wool was brushed, turned into a thread with  the spindle and weaved into a piece of fabric.


Preindustrial Tool Making

A tool set for a batch production of ceramic tiles - built without using any electricity. A set of four tile cutters with individual designs was created.


The key to a bright future - UN Goal 4: Education 


For this project I worked on the UN sustainability goal 4 a  sensual and a data lead approach.


The first object is a sensual experience that presents  materials fusing together creating something colorful, bright, translucent, rough, smooth and new- splashing over the brain like a wave.  


The second object represents a key that lights up to embody the value of a ‘bright’ future. The word future is worked into the teeth of the key. The wireframe was covered in book pages to emphasize the importance of literacy. The key rings are presenting all UN country ensigns and are color-coded: green seam – quotes, black seam - facts. 



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